For Attorneys

Looking for an affordable way to market your practice? Looking for a legal stream of referrals of clients?

LRS can help!

LRS provides these services in 20 Northern California Counties from Placer to the Oregon state line and in 18 subject matter areas.

LRS provides screened, paying clients to attorneys seeking to build their practices.

Attorneys can support our efforts in these ways:

  1. Refer us clients. If you cannot represent a client, please send them our way by phone to (530) 272-5962 or via our website at We will refer them to a licensed, qualified professional, you will help the client, and you will never be stumped for a referral again!
  2. Join our panel. We are always looking for good lawyers to join our panels, receive a stream of screened clients. You negotiate your own rates with these clients, but we get a 15% share as a referral fee.  Application forms are here.
  3. Contribute! We will put your funds to good use and you can take a tax deduction, as we are a 501(c)(3) non-profit. A remittance form for that purpose is here.

If you have other ideas about how you can assist us in growing the LRS and funding our no- and low-cost legal service programs, contact any of our Boardmembers listed here.

Read more at How to Join.

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